Help for overcoming fear

How can we find help for overcoming fear in our lives? Fear – that “paralyzing emotion” that tells us “something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat”. Lately many in our world dread the possibility of catching the Covid19 Virus. In the past year, the fear of this unseen enemy has caused many … Read more

Hope for Humanity

standing watch

With all that is going on in our world today the one thing that we need most is a hope for humanity. If you follow social media or the news it seems that our world is on the brink of destruction. While many fair-minded people hope in changes that will impact our world I do … Read more

Growing Up – Maturing As A Christian

children reading together in a field

I remember long ago my parents or some other adult would say “grow up” in response to some silly idea I had. Is “maturing as a Christian” on your list of goals for this year? How can we mature as a Christian? Are we even supposed to mature in our faith? These are all important … Read more

How To Help My Marriage

One of the most exciting times in life is when a couple announces that they are getting married. You have probably witnessed this many times. A couple makes this great theatrical announcement of their engagement. The soon to be bride is brimming with joy, the future husband has that look on his face that says … Read more