Growing Up – Maturing As A Christian

Adult in kids pajamas holding their teddy bearI remember long ago my parents or some other adult would say “grow up” in response to some silly idea I had. Is “maturing as a Christian” on your list of goals for this year? How can we mature as a Christian? Are we even supposed to mature in our faith? These are all important questions; not to ask others but to ask ourselves from time to time.

How would your describe your own faith?

It is perfectly OK to admit that your feel like a baby christian. Sometimes we have to admit that we have only begun to walk in faith. But if your faith is not growing and your are still a baby christian after being a christian for 10 years then maybe your need to get serious about maturing in faith.

What is a baby christian? In 1 Corinthians 3 Paul refers to some believers as “babes in Christ”. They have not matured and like babies were only able to be spoon-fed with milk. Paul adds to that thought in saying that they are carnal – because of the envy, strife and divisions among the believers.

Would your describe yourself as being a babe in Christ? If your are new to the Christian faith then that is what your are.

But if your have been walking as a Christian for sometime now and are not growing or maturing in your faith then somehow some way your need to choose to grow up.

Why Do I Need to Grow As A Christian?

The Christian faith is more than going to an altar one time, and asking Jesus into your life. Maybe this false ideas is the product of others saying, all your need to do is go to Jesus and confess your sin and ask Him to come into your life. That simple statement while true is incomplete. If your idea of salvation is only about going to heaven and not hell then somehow your missed the point or were misled by someone else.

The word Christian was first used to describe those who follow Christ. A Christian is not just someone who will eventually go to heaven, a christian is a follower of Christ. Many times in the New Testament Jesus would call people to follow him. This wasn’t like when we follow someone on Facebook it was a call to walk with Jesus, to learn from him and in time to imitate him in your own life.

When the spread of the Gospel began as described in the book of Acts, the emphasis was on getting right with God; to repent and turn away from sin to righteousness. As we come to faith today we are called to get right with God, to repent and turn away from sin to righteousness. That means that we have to grow or mature in our faith.

How Can We Grow (Mature) As A Christian?

“The growth of a person who has become a Christian, according to the Scriptures, is very much like this. Christians, new to the faith, are to be guided by those who are familiar with the Scriptures and who will show them how to bear good fruit.”

We grow as we become part of the fellowship with other believers, every group that gathers together always try to learn from each other and the leaders of that group.

The Apostle Paul describes the fellowship of believers as the “body of Christ” knitted together each with their own function or part in the group. If your are not part of a group of believers it is very hard to grow and mature.

Growing as a Christian begins with growing in knowledge of Christ. What was he like? what did he do? what did he teach us about following him?

2 Great Ideas To Grow Up In Your Faith.

FIRST OF ALL – just to get started your need to be part of the body of Christ. Find a group of believers; it could be a church or even a Bible study group and commit to meet with them regularly. Just as a physical body needs each part to function in life the body of Christ (You, me, and others) needs each other to function.

We need the encouragement of others when we are down or confused. Missing out on fellowship with other believers will cause us to be stunted in our growth. We will stay babes in Christ and miss out on opportunities to grow and mature.

The writer to the Hebrews expresses this thought well – Hebrews 10:24-25 “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

To grow up in your faith your need other believers to help your. Find a group of believers and make it your goal to become an active part in that group.

SECONDLY – Commit to reading your Bible regularly. In the beginning stick with the New Testament and especially the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). If your don’t have a Bible of your own, ask among your group or simply go out and buy one.

Today we are blessed with many varieties of Study Bibles and they are not just available at the stores but your can buy them through online sources.

If your are not sure which Bible to buy, ask your group which they recommend. Personally I love both the New International Version (NIV) and the New Living Translation (NLT). What ever your choose read about Jesus and when your meet together with your group ask questions and share what your are learning.

Grow Up – You Will Be Amazed How Your Faith Strengthens You.

My story- For over 20 years I was a baby Christian. I believed but that’s it. I had nothing to stand on when times got tough, and many times I walked far away from God. I tried different churches but never felt at home. My faith was stunted.

For me it was a radio program called Back to the Bible, I found it by chance and started listening every day on the way to church. In time my faith began growing. And, I began praying for help to find a church I could call home.

Short story – God answered and someone invited me to come to their church. From that point forward I grew in faith and felt a part of something bigger than me.

If your have read this far – do yourself a favor and begin the journey of growing up in your faith. Read your Bible – Find a church or Bible group, commit to meet regularly, and start growing up in your faith.

If you don’t have a Bible of your own, let me recommend the NIV Life Application Study Bible.  I love the way it includes study notes; it really answers a lot of questions I encounter.

You can find a good deal on them at Amazon.  Check it out.

In time your will be so glad your choose to grow up. And, your will witness God working in your own life in a way that is amazing.

Thank your for stopping by and reading this.

If your have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here.



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